Construction and Construction Defects

Construction and Construction Defects

Malaby’s attorneys provide decades of skill and experience in construction-related claims. Through the years, our attorneys have defended construction defect claims, sick building claims and personal injury matters. Our attorneys have substantial experience in property damage, construction-related and personal injury claims and have been involved in complex multi-party claims. Our attorneys have defended commercial and private premises owners, developers, general contractors, subcontractors, construction managers and maintenance companies.

At Malaby we quickly assess a claim and establish a litigation plan to seek to achieve the best result at the earliest possible time. Our attorneys possess the ability to seek an early resolution when advantageous to do so or when necessary to take a matter through trial. Our knowledge, experience, and ability assist our clients in maximizing their protection while minimizing their exposure. Our attorneys focus on each client’s particular needs and formulate a case strategy based for each individual client. At Malaby we seek to draw on our vast experience in order to evaluate and achieve the desired result quickly and efficiently.

The Emergency Response Team at Malaby & Bradley, LLC is ready for immediate deployment to assist in the acquisition of essential data, evidence, and pertinent information crucial for potential future litigation on behalf of our clients. Specifically established to provide legal support in the aftermath of catastrophic events, this team is well-equipped to handle various situations, including but not limited to construction accidents and other sudden incidents.

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