Trial Practice Group

Trial Practice Group

Sophisticated consumers of legal services require certain qualities of their litigators. They look for depth of knowledge, specific experience, and a well-defined approach to complex matters. When faced with an impending trial, it is more critical than ever for companies to partner with legal counsel who have a proven track record of trial success. Our trial lawyers have extensive and diverse experience, ranging from small cases to complex actions requiring substantial resources, legal research, planning and trial skills. At Malaby we provide a level of trial experience that has allowed us to successfully manage a variety of cases from general liability to large-case litigation, from complaint to verdict, for clients ranging from “mom & pop” businesses to Fortune 100 companies.

Our trial lawyers have a proven track record of success trying general liability, construction, toxic tort and products liability claims in courts throughout the state. Our team collectively offers clients the unique insight and experience that only comes from decades of collective trial experience.

While our experience is an invaluable resource to draw upon, we continue to look forward, and offer innovative and cutting-edge trial techniques and capabilities. We believe that to be a successful trial firm in today’s environment means to constantly question the status quo, and to seek out new ideas and courtroom resources in an effort to reach the digital age juror.

We are frequently retained on the eve of trial when a client needs a firm with a formidable courtroom reputation and the resources to try a case. Many firms claim to be trial ready, but at Malaby, we have the results and the reputation to back up those claims.

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